Randall Reeder as Will Rogers      

Randall Reeder
as Will Rogers

Folks just enjoy the experience of being with Will Rogers!

His remembrances and observations about life, politics and the world today will entertain and inspire.

Titles and Topics

Drawing from the volumes of Will Rogers' published writings, and remembrances by his family and acquaintances, a full range of customization is available to adopt into the interests of the audience.

1. Farming Ain't What it Used to Be

Randall Reeder blends his knowledge of the broad field of agriculture with the eternal wisdom of Will Rogers to help farmers and agri-business thrive in changing times.

2. Will Rogers Today

Usually this is an after-dinner or luncheon talk, lighthearted and entertaining. Ideal for setting a congenial tone for a casual meeting or as a relaxing break in the middle of a more serious business conference. 'Will' is also experienced as a Master of Ceremonies. Serving as M.C. for your event he mixes bits and pieces of his material with the other activites of the meeting. (This relieves your group leaders from this task, and assures you it will be done with professionalism and in good taste.)

3. Will Rogers on Business Today

Key points, backed with illustrations from Will Roger's life and writings include embracing new technology, valuing diversity, teamwork, and continuous personal improvement.

Testimonials for Will Rogers

"I sure liked your speech and your writings. Great stuff."
.............................--Jim Rogers (Will's son)

"Your 'Will Rogers' was a big hit as master of ceremonies for a luncheon during our National No-Till Conference. Your knowledge of agriculture, and your willingness to help out in several ways, makes you a valuable resource. We want you back next year."
.............................--Lessiter Publications, Inc.

"Where there's a Will, there's a ray...of sunshine. Thanks Randall."
.............................--Emory Austin and Company

The Man Behind The Myth

Raised on a livestock farm, Randall Reeder, has been involved in agriculture his entire life. Devoting twenty one years as a university professor Reeder has been a fifteen-year member of the Ohio Speakers Forum.

Reeder is a thirteen-year member of the National Speakers Association.

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