David Markovitz as Teddy Roosevelt      

David Markovitz
Brings Teddy Roosevelt to Life for You!

The Teddy Experience - It's More than Just a Speech!

Titles and Topics

As Teddy, David views today's business environment from a unique perspective. He addresses current issues such as technological change, the rate of change, and dynamic leadership with a blend of history, humor, and a heavy dose of Teddy's "Bully!" personality.

Audiences are captivated by Teddy's powerful presence and listen to every word. He inspires his audiences to be bold, take action, and charge out in front, as he did in his charge up San Juan Hill.

1- Charging Forward with Teddy
In 1902 Roosevelt said, "I preach the gospel of hope!" David uses this theme to outline steps we can all take to build a solid future and achieve America's Optimistic Promise of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Your people will be inspired to overcome the challenges and uncertainty we are facing with courage, boldness, integrity, character, and action.

2- Teddy's Tips on Leadership
David uses the leadership attributes that makes Theodore Roosevelt rank among the greatest Presidents and succeed in every position he held to deliver a powerful message on leadership.

3- Teddy's Tips for Success
David helps people discover simple, straightforward tips, derived from Roosevelt's life and career, to reach their personal pinnacle of success.

4- Teddy's Tips on Change
Roosevelt lived from 1858 - 1919, years marked by drastic changes. David outlines those changes ranging from coast to coast communication by Pony Express to telegraph to telephone, transportation ranging from the horse to automobiles to airplanes, and other examples to help people put those changes we face today in perspective. David proceeds to demonstrate how Theodore Roosevelt embraced change in order to have an impact and be effective in his work.

5- Teddy's Tips for Teams
David uses stories and anecdotes from Teddy's role in assembling the Rough Riders in 1898. He brought together Ivy League graduates and hardened cowboys from the wild west to work together as a crack cavalry unit. The principles of teamwork are demonstrated through Teddy's exploits.

6- Presidential Press Conference
David always includes a Question/Answer session with each keynote presentation. However, it is billed as a Press Conference with the President. Audiences love the interaction and usually say that it was their favorite part of the program.

7- Dynamic Presentations
David works closely with his clients to integrate your key themes and messages into the presentation. By bringing Roosevelt's Bully personality to life, David guarantees that each presentation is highly interactive, uses humor and music, and gets the audience on their feet clapping.

Testimonials for Teddy Roosevelt
"I want to thank you and tell you how much I enjoyed your presentation.. I have heard Zig Zigler and Steven Covey speak and those talks were minor league compared to yours."

--David Moore, Balboa Insurance

"David's presentation as Teddy Roosevelt is by far the best and most interesting speaker we have ever had."
--Jack Casotti, VP / Ronald Reagan Presidential Library

"David is terrific! His work is wonderful. Thank you for blessing me with your good work."
--William J. vanden Heuvel, Chairman / Franklin & Eleanor Roosevelt Institute
(Former United States Ambassador to the United Nations)

"The enthusiasm and excitement with which you bring Teddy Roosevelt to life is definitely contagious. You enlivened our program with your fantastic presentation."
-- John Irons, Exec Director / US Navy - Marine Corps Relief Society

The Man Behind The Myth

David Markovitz delights his audiences with his ability to engage their imaginations with a unique look at contemporary issues. He has over twenty years of successful managerial experience in leading corporations. David has achieved success by mastering the challenge of change. He has used the power of persuasion and influence in affecting proven leadership throughout his career. He is the author of the business primer Becoming the Best!, Innovation Resource Handbook, 212 Tips to Improve Performance, Productivity, and Profits, and The Team Process Improvement Workbook, and numerous published articles.

David is President of the Institute for Effective Innovation, a training and consulting company, and since 1989 has worked with clients throughout the world. He helps people generate, develop and implement innovative solutions to existing challenges.

David's clients read like a Who's Who of Fortune 500 corporations. He also presents to academia, military, and trade and professional organizations. David has led workshops on Leadership and Management and Innovation throughout the USA and in Asia and Europe.

An award winning speaker, David is a Member of the National Speakers Association (NSA), the recognized voice of the speaking profession worldwide. Of the over 5000 members, David is the only one who speaks as Theodore Roosevelt, and is listed in the Who's Who of Professional Speaking. He was the 2003-04 President of the Greater Los Angeles Chapter of NSA.

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