Speakers for Outside The Box Thinking

Nothing Makes Your
Meeting Come Alive
Quite Like a Dead Speaker!

Now you can choose among four of the liveliest dead speakers you'll ever meet. You may decide to eventually use all of us.

Inspire, Challenge and Motivate Your People, Choose Professionals with Proven Results.

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Arden Bercovitz as Albert Einstein

Arden Bercovitz, Ph.D., CSP
as Albert Einstein

Events that change the way your people think.

Ralph Archbold as Benjamin Franklin

Ralph Archbold, CSP, CPAE
as Benjamin Franklin

Electrify your meeting with humor and inspiration.

Randall Reeder as Will Rogers

Randall Reeder
as Will Rogers

Timely wit and wisdom from an old country boy.

David Markovitz as Teddy Roosevelt

David Markovitz
as Teddy Roosevelt

A flag-waving, foot-stomping, Bully-boost of energy.

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