Ralph Archbold as Benjamin Franklin      

Ralph Archbold, CSP, CPAE
as Benjamin Franklin

Electrify your meeting with the humor and inspiration of a Franklin experience.

Author, inventor and statesman, Ben's genius and insights are notable models.

Titles and Topics

Providing perfect topics for keynotes, luncheons and closing sessions to electrify your meetings. As the presentation is designed around your theme, humorous and inspiring messages will "spark" your meeting and make it the one they will talk about in years to come.

1. Accepting the Challenge of Change

Ben shares his keys to managing change. Find out how you can use the leadership techniques he and his friends discovered which lead to success in a changing world. The answer to dealing with change.

2. The Way to Wealth

As one of America's greatest success stories, Ben Franklin has stepped out of the past to share the secrets that will give you the same advantage he had over his less aware competitors. Perfect for sales groups.

3. The Spirit of Cooperation

When we learn to exchange our ideas, our energy and our talents we can accomplish great things. Ben Franklin shares his special discoveries that developed his skills in working with others. You will leave with renewed energy and electrifying ideas. Great for associations.

4. Where Liberty Dwells

An inspiring message of hope will stir your audience through patriotic stories of liberty, responsibility and possibility. An emotional experience. Oriented toward small business, free enterprise and the entrepreneurial spirit.

Testimonial for Benjamin Franklin

"What a stellar performance. You were Ben Franklin! Not only his words, thoughts, but dress, mannerisms, walk, affectation -- all those little things I would have thought Ben Franklin would have looked like if I had been there to watch. Of course! I was there -- watching you -- fully, completely, in the persona of Ben Franklin. A truly remarkable performance. One our members will be talking about for a long, long time."
.............................--National Association of Steel Pipe Distributors

The Man Behind The Myth

More than 200 years after his death, the timeless wisdom of Benjamin Franklin lives on through an award-winning, authentic portrayal of the famed author and inventor by Ralph Archbold.

Today, after addressing more than 7,000 audiences as the alias of the older statesman, Archbold has earned a following of his own: he was chosen as the official Ben Franklin for the City of Philadelphia, and became the primary spokesman for America's Constitutional Bicentennial Celebration, featured as Ben in the city's celebration, "200 Years of Benjamin Franklin's Genius," the official Ben Franklin for the University of Pennsylvania, Freedom's Foundation, and the Franklin Institute.

His realistic portrayl and stimulating perfromances have won his appearances on: The Today Show, Good Morning America, The CBS Constitutional Gala, as well as the Disney Channel. He launched his career as Benjamin Franklin in 1973. He became enthralled by the new designation and spent years polishing his act before seeking greater opportunity and moving to historic Philadelphia in 1983.

What's the secret to creating such an avid following? Old Ben himself once said, "There is a difference between imitating a man and counterfeiting him." That's why Ralph Archbold doesn't just act Franklin, he lives Franklin.

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